Well Flow Testing

Most well flow testing is done for Real Estate & Loan transactions. They often require four hours of continuous testing. We use two different kinds of meters – one measures the output of water in gallons per minute (gpm), and the other measures the water level in the well.

The water level will drop to the intake of the pump. A true well production by the flow meter can be determined.

  • The water level will stop dropping. The maximum output of the pump does not exceed the well’s capacity.
  • If you have a high producing well, the gallons per minute will determine what the pump is capable, of doing not necessarily what the well can do.
  • We measure the output of the well every 15 minutes over the 4-hour test period.

Well flow testing is important in making sure your well or pump:

  • Has not lost productivity
  • Meets your household and/or irrigation needs

Well flows determine the true gallons per minute your pump will do in your new well.

When drilling a new well, they typically do an air test to give you an indication of your well’s gpm.

Let’s make sure you get the system that meets your demands…
and one that will stand the test of time.

Well Flow Request Form & Water Samples

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