Well Repair and Maintenance

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Importance of Well Maintenance

Maintenance is extremely important for your system. All machines with moving parts need routine check-ups to keep them running at optimal performance levels.

Having a maintenance program can greatly reduce the risk of unexpected system failure. It can also prolong the life of your system and keep your repair history and cost to a minimum.

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Repair and Maintenance

by | May 23, 2022

Keep hazardous chemicals away from your well. Your pump house should not be a place for storage. Any form of hazardous material could compromise the quality of water in the well.

Well and Pump Repair and Maintenance

Two things you should keep in mind for excellent well water maintenance are:

  • water level
  • water quality

Water level measurements are taken by doing a well flow test.

Water quality measurements are done by water sampling. Sometimes the changes in water quality will be fairly obvious. These changes include, but are not limited to odor, taste, color, clarity, and scaling. Keep in mind that not all water quality changes can be detected by the senses.

A Few Well Water Problems

  • Pump won’t run
  • Pump is continuously running
  • Pump comes on too frequently
  • Pressure switch doesn’t cut out
  • Notable water pollutants/smell
  • Water delivery is insufficient

Symptoms Related to Well Water Problems

  • Reduced water yield
  • Sediment in the water
  • Change in water quality
  • Dissolved gas in the water
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Don’t Use Your Pump House for Storage

Possible causes of common symptoms

  • Improper well design or construction
  • Leak in system or worn pump impeller
  • Slime or mineral scale build-up
  • Continuous over-pumping of the well
  • Corrosion of well casing, liner, or screen
  • Failure of annulus or casing seal
  • Iron-related or sulfate-reducing bacteria
  • Carbon dioxide or methane dissolved in the water


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